SB Series Interconnect Cables

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jan 31 15:49:18 EST 2002

I have "put together" a set of seven interconnect
cables for the Heath SB-300/SB-301 to the
SB-400/SB-401.  These consist of three RG62/U cables
for the Heterodyne Oscillator, BFO, and LMO
connections; three shielded cables for the mute,
anti-vox, and speaker connections; and an RG58/U or
RG8/X cable for the antenna connection.

All incorporate shielded RCA type phono connectors and
all are two feet long per Heath specifications.

These are all of the cables that are "normally" used
with the Heath SB-Line "twins".

Price for each set is $45.95 post paid CONUS, $47.95
post paid Canada, and $49.74 for Texas residents.

For more information please E-Mail or, to order, send
a cheque for the appropriate amount to

Glen E. Zook
410 Lawndale Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080


Glen, K9STH

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