BC-1421A info required

Ray Robinson robinson at SHLRC.MQ.EDU.AU
Thu Jan 31 17:01:14 EST 2002

Hi Scott,

> > > I'm restoring a BC-1421A VHF receiver which is basically a later version
> > > of the BC-639 (100-156 mcs) AM rx.
> > > The separate PSU is missing the mains connector.
> > > The large round hole has 2 screw holes.
> > >
> > > What was the connector used here?
> >
> > It is a standard British heating appliance connector.
> >
> Is that 2 fat pins in a large oval plastic body,
> with a metal earth thing on the out side?
> Like on an electric jug?
> Yes, I believe so.  I have seen the same connector on coffee urns, electric
> skillets, etc. in the UK, but since I don't live there I have no idea where
> to get one.  My psu had one when I got it and it was of Canadian
> manufacture, so perhaps they are available there.  My feeling is, however,
> that it is just a carryover from the british design of the set.
I thought it may have been that strange plug on the BC-1031 Panadaptor.

> My BC-640
> was maufactured by Bendix in the US, My BC-639 by Northern Electric in
> Canada.  Good luck, and BTW, it is nice to know someone else has an interest
> in this set.
A friend has just restored one,
it works quite well,
and it enthused me to drag mine out.
Both are made by Hazeltine,
his is rx serial number 7 psu serial number 2
mine is rx serial number 2 psu serial number 6
and mine has a dark blue crackle paint,
and has been tropicalised.
My BC-639 is Flat Army green.

I don't have a manual for the BC-1421
and only a scappy one for the BC-639.
Do you know of a source for one (or a copy)?

Ray vk2ilv

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