800 series tubes for sale

Pete Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Wed Jul 10 19:05:19 EDT 2002

Thanks to astute and perceptive buyers half the tubes I offered last week
are sold.

These remaining tubes are all new in the box - some are a bit "shopworn"
from being in hams' basements. "C" means commercial packaging, "M" means
military white or beige boxes. Prices are less than1/2 those of mail
order houses and include mailing in the U.S.  Cash, checks, or money
orders work fine.

1       813     RCA             M (dated 12-42) $18
2       814     GE              C  (end flaps torn off) $10
1       814     RCA             C  $10
1       814     ?               M (dated 6-53) $10
1       829B    RCA             M $7
1       866A    Sylvania        M  $8
1       866A    RCA             C   $8

Pete Petersen

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