Fw: Ham Estate Items.......

Sandy and Kees Talen windy10605 at JUNO.COM
Sun Jun 9 18:34:50 EDT 2002

I'm helping sell some estate items for a ham's wife. He was just getting
started in ham radio again, after many, many years off the air. Some of
the other items, like a new A4 beam are on e-Bay:


1) ARRL Antenna Companion (1995), new cost $10, new condition ...$7
2) ARRL Ham Radio Made easy (1995), new cost $15.95, new condition
3) ARRL The FCC Rule Book (1997), new cost $12, new condition ...$8
4) ARRL General Class License Manual (4th ed), new cost $15, new
    conditon still in the plastic wrap ....$10
5) ARRL New Ham Companion (1997), new cost $12, new condition ...$8
6) ARRL Personal Computers in the Ham Shack (1997), new cost $15.95,
    new condition ...$10
7) ARRL Now You're Talking (2001), new cost $19, new condition ...$14
8) ARRL Your Packet Companion (1995), new cost $10, new
    condition  .... $7
9) ARRL Your Introduction to Morse Code, contains 2 CDs, new cost
    $14.95, new condition ....$10
11) Hayden's Sound-N-Sight Intermediate Code Course, book and
    cassette, very good condition in plastic package .....$5
12) Hayden's Sound-N-Sight Advanced Code Course, book and
     cassette, very good condition in plastic package ....$5
13) Hayden's Sound-N-Sight Novice Code Course, book only,
     free if you buy both above Hayden courses
14) Hayden Advanced and Extra Class Amateur License Manual,
     2nd edition, used ..... $3
15) Box of old QSTs, I would guess the last 10+ years ....$0.50 each
      ...tell me which ones and I'll look.


3) HP-410C multimeter, looks like it works, missing the little red AC
    RF adjust knob and shaft, but no AC RF probe anyway ....$25

All above plus shipping, all manuals can be shipped "book rate" (cheap)

73s Kees K5BCQ

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