Boonton 260A Q-meter problem

Michael Tallent mtallent at CONCENTRIC.NET
Mon Jun 17 22:57:19 EDT 2002


I have been working on a 260A Q-meter.  The problem is the generator is dead
on several bands.

I fixed the low frequency problem by finding the fine wires broken by the
heavy tubing covering the wires.

Now I have a problem with the highest frequency band 23-50 MHz, it won't
work.  I have taken out the coil drum and cleaned all the brass pins,
checked the inductors for continuity and checked the small tubular caps,
everything measures fine.  I have tried 3 new 5763 tubes.  I used stiff
paper with de-oxit to clean the split spring contacts on the oscillator

I did notice the .1uf B+ bypass cap was cracked, so I changed it.

Also I notice the the next band down, 10-23 MHz stops oscillating below 15
MHz, all other bands work fine.

Anyone know of problems with these meters.

Mike Tallent  W6MXV  in KY

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