FREE EH Scott SLR-12-B

Craig K6QI k6qi at ARRL.NET
Mon Jun 24 11:22:51 EDT 2002

Hello All...

I have an EH Scott SLR-12-B of WW2 vintage for some (lucky?) fellow. This
one is sealed against emissions so the U-Boats couldn't find it. Coverage
is .53 to 1.6 and 5.55 to 15.6 kcy. The receiver is still mounted on its
shock mount, and is in fair cosmetic shape. Some surface rust, but not
bad... Also has all the original knobs. Looks like it is meant to run on
110 VAC, 60 cy. This thing is built like a battleship and weighs about the
same. I will not part out this receiver. It doesn't look like anybody has
ever been in it. I just don't have room...

I'm in central California, and will hand this rig (with a grunt) to the
first fellow that comes for it.

I will also ship this rig, BUT! You must pay for the packing and shipping
costs. You may also have an agent pick it up.

More details to the one that wants it...


Craig K6QI

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