Ham Spam

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 8 23:51:34 EST 2002

Unfortunately, this problem is not unique to just
amateur radio reflectors, web sites, etc.  My wife
gets all sorts of things at her E-Mail address
including all sorts of pornography.  She just deletes
all the SPAM before reading what she wants to read.
However, it is quite a problem.

I get a fair amount of SPAM on my yahoo "play around"
E-Mail address which I use for things like the
reflectors.  However, yahoo does "kick" most of the
SPAM off into a separate folder that I just
automatically delete.

The ARRL site seems to be the one from which a lot of
SPAM comes.  The ARRL is not responsible, but those
who "glean" the addresses seem to have pretty good
luck from that site.  Since QRZ.com has gone to the
"new" format that does not list the E-Mail address of
those who post in the forums, the amount of SPAM from
that site has gone to "nil".  I am one of the
moderators of QRZ.com and I was getting all sorts of
SPAM to my primary E-Mail address.  About the time
that QRZ.com went to the new system, AT&T cable
Internet changed E-Mail addresses.  Now I get
virtually no SPAM on my primary account.  Also, I
don't list it on the Internet, but use the yahoo

Anyway, I can share your pain, but there isn't much
that can be done about it in the real world!

Glen, K9STH

--- "J. Forster" <jfor at QUIK.COM> wrote:
> I have started to recieve ham spam from:
> "Wireless Industry Association"
> <wsr at wirelessindustry.com>
> Frankly, I don't much appreciate it.
> Is anyone else getting this stuff? How can we stop
> the harvesting of addresses
> off the email reflectors?

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