FS Misc parts, Mil stuff

Stefan Bishay snbishay at ATTBI.COM
Sun Mar 10 03:41:06 EST 2002

Have the following for sale. E-mail me for photos.

Collins RT-1060/URC-80, marine VHF RT unit. Bit of corrosion on case, 1
latch missing. $40

R-111/APR-5A, non-original power plug, paint not that great. $30

BC-457A, no cover, one tube is bad. $15

Plate transformer, sealed type, 115v 60-400cycle primary, secondaries
1900VCT @ 30ma, 1150vct 50ma. $10

Synchro Motors:

MK6 Mod 2 Type 5N 115/90v 60 cps
MK4 Mod 2 Type 5F 115/90v 60 cps
MK4 Mod 4 Type 5F 115/90v 60 cps
Differential motor, MK7 Mod 1A Type 5D, 90/90v 60 cps, with nice 0-180-0
$40 for the lot

Stefan Bishay - KC7SJC
Seattle, WA

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