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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Mar 10 14:10:14 EST 2002

Collins 708A-1 "Master Oscillator":  Covers 2 - 4.2
MHz with two PTO(s), etc.  Have original manual on
708A-3 which is basically the same unit.  Very good
condition  $350 + shipping.

National RCQ receiver:  Basically an NC-100 variant
made for the old CAA (now the FAA).  This receiver has
a relay operated "squelch" circuit.  Made in 1946.
Rack mount receiver.  Have copy of manual.  Good
physical condition, not really checked electrically
(do not have the matching speaker).  However, have
applied AC power and there are no apparent shorts,
etc.  $300 + shipping.

National NC-100:  Good condition physically, not
checked electrically (do not have matching speaker).
Missing bottom plate.  Manual for this available on
BAMA.  $250 + shipping.

Photos of above are available for E-Mailing.

Have cabinets for the following units (repainted, new
rubber feet, etc.):  Heath DX-35 (same on DX-40 I
believe), Heath DX-20 (two of these), Johnson Valiant,
Pacemaker, 500, etc. large cabinet.  Also have
original cabinet in excellent condition for National
NCX-3.  E-Mail for prices.

Most of a "parted out" Pacemaker (front panel and
meter are gone, most everything else still available).
 Parts from a National NCX-3 (knobs, front panel,
vernier, function switch, and volume/r.f. gain control
gone, most everything else still available).  A few
parts from a Johnson Valiant and a Heath DX-100 also

I am looking for (DO NOT HAVE THESE!).  Will trade
various combinations of above for them:

Collins 75A1 receiver.  Doesn't have to be "collector
quality", just working and reasonable restorable.
Might even consider one that is not working if in good
physical condition.  Must have cabinet.

Also looking for WRL (Globe) 755 VFO (not the 755A

Might consider other "boat anchor" trades.

Glen, K9STH

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