Moving into a new computer

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Wed Mar 13 00:35:21 EST 2002

Does anyone know of good software for moving user files and applications from
one computer to another so that they still work? Here are what I've looked at:

Alohabob  PC Relocator 3.0   This requires Internet Explorer which I will NEVER
load onto any system because of the security problems. Also, it only does one
transfer and you have to re-buy it. IMO, this is a product to avoid.

Norton. This puppy apparently deletes the original files as it copies them to
avoid copyright problems. Isn't that a simply terrific idea?

Iomega tools works, but the ZIP is too small and the Ditto is unreliable. I've
tried a few times and after 4 hours or so, it makes a tape error and crashes.
What a waste of time.

I use a laptop, and so cannot daisy-chain drives, but do have an external CD
R/W/RW and an external HD.

Help !!! TIA,

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