Use of HO 10 Monitor or H0 13 Scope

Larry Knapp kc8jx at YAHOO.COM
Sun May 5 15:07:21 EDT 2002

Gene - Do not know about the HO13 as I do not have one, but I do know that it
should contain the correct IF frequency match to your Mohawk.

As for the HO-10, it is an excellent transmitter monitor.  Hooks up pretty
easy.  A coax line from the output of the TX-1 to the input of the HO-10 and
then a coax line out of the HO-10 to the antenna (or tuner or whatever).  I am
assuming that you have a antenna relay on these units so the output (antenna
side) of the relay should go to the input of the HO-10 monitor scope.  Really
pretty fool proof hookup.  A manual (for either unit is a good idea).

73, Larry KC8JX

--- Gene Holcombe <n5zdf at NETDOOR.COM> wrote:
> Considering either of two above units with my Apache and Mohawk.  How
> functional are they and how much trouble to hookup.  Your comments please.
> Gene  N5ZDF

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