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Keith Rowland k4kgw at ATTBI.COM
Sun May 19 12:43:36 EDT 2002

Although these are neither boatanchors nor Heath items, these books can
be very helpful to both boatanchor and Heath afficianados, so I hope
this is an appropriate listing for both reflectors.

All five books must go to the same buyer--not practical to sell 'em
separately.  Shipping by USPS.  CONUS sales only, please.

Electronic Technician's Handbook of Time-Savers and Shortcuts, by Carl
G. Grolle.  Softcover.  Like new.  1974.

Fundamentals of Radio, Edited by W.L. Everett.  Hardcover.  A little
wear.  Hardcover.  1958.

Handbook of Practical Solid-State Troubleshooting, by John D. Lenk.
Hardcover.  Good shape, book jacket still intact.  1971.

Elements of Radio Servicing, by Marcus and Levy.  Hardcover.  Some
wear.  1955.

The ARRL Antenna Book.  Cover has come loose, but it's all there.
Softcover.  1956.

Total:  $29.00 plus $10.00 for packing materials and shipping.

Thanks for the read,


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