6 Meters FS

Keith Rowland k4kgw at ATTBI.COM
Sun May 19 13:05:06 EDT 2002

Hand-marked Simpson meter, parameters unknown, scale 0-40 (don't know
0-40 what!), mounts in 2 1/2-inch round hole, has 3" square face, black
symbols on white face, black meter case.

Make unknown, factory marked 0-300 amps. 2 1/2-inch round hole, round
case, black face with yellow markings, black meter case.

Triplett 2 1/2" round hole, 3" square case, 0-50 microamps, black
letters on white face.

Link 2 1/2" round hole, 3" square black case, black lettering on white,
0-25 milliamperes.

Weston 2 1/2" round hole, square clear plastic case 4"H X 4 1/2"W, 0-25
amperes AC.

Meter from defunct NRI VTVM, with ohms, volts scales, round 2 1/2" hole,
square clear plastic case 4" H  X  4 1/2"W.

Actually, the mounting holes may be closer to 2 3/4".  In any case, they
are standard for the types of meters they are.  I can't measure them

All 6 for $24.00 (no separate sales), plus $12.00 for box, packing
materials and shipping via USPS.  CONUS only, please!

Thanks for the read,


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