Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Wed May 29 20:18:15 EDT 2002

To  all  you  AMers  out there that  want  to  work  the HAMCOM
2002  Special Event AM station   W5A...
We  will  be  on the air  from about  1600 Central  time  on June 6th  for
a couple of  hours and back on
all day  Friday June 7th from 0600 central on 3.880  and  then
around  7.290  the rest  of the day...Then again
Saturday 0600  all day  and  7.290  ....When  75  closes  up  we will  be
on 40  the rest  of the day....Very  nice  HAMCOM
QSL  ...Send  QSL  cards  to  QRZ  adr  of  K1JNN...  Self
addressed  envelope  requested  but not  required.  The station  will
also  be  on the air  most  of  the day  on Sunday June
9th....Come  work  us  to  show  all  non amers  how  fun AM  can be....
If  at  HAMCOM  come  by  and  operate   and  visit  with  us.

Best  73's  Bob K1JNN/5

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