Mate to the Mighty Midget Receiver Certificate?

William R Colbert w5xe at JUNO.COM
Wed May 29 15:34:50 EDT 2002

Found them!!  Went to the reference but not there so
went up and then back a couple of years on the cd and
located the two in Feb 66 (tx) and April 66 (rx).  Don't
remember seeing them but then traveling in other countries
at the time, I did not get to read all of my QST's and suspect
some never got to me, as these little rigs don't look the
faintest familiar.  Thanks for the mention and something
new to try in glowbugs.

"Politicians are like nappies.  Both should be
changed regularly -- and for the same reason"
"Scotsman - Scotsman's Diary 12/97"
Ray Colbert, W5XE, OOTC#3618, SOWP#1064M SOC#78
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