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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Nov 3 07:24:37 EST 2002


Nice round voltmeter with keystone face appears to be from a General Radio
Company RF voltmeter. Scales calibrated in VHF 0 - 0.4 and UHF 0-2 with a dBm
scale up to +4 DBm.
Made for 2-/14" round hole. Great looking meter. Ideal as spare part for your test
gear. Will sell for $5.00

Phasetron 0 - 300 A DC, new meter in box.  Yes, it's NOT 300 mA!
Needs shunt. Has black case and is 3" in diameter.
Very nice looking. Available for $8.00

Tiny meter - black. Looks like antique type. Dimensions 1-1/8" diameter
with mounting hardware for 1" diameter hole.
Two are marked 0 - 12 X 1000 FT. The other reads 0 - 1.
QTY 3 available for $3.00 each

6A DC meter by Prime Co. of Ohio. Rectangular face dimensions 2.25" wide X
1.375" high.
Overall dimensions are 2.25" wide X 2.375" high.
QTY 1 only for $2.00

E-mail me for pictures of any of these.

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