Rotten foam (kinda boatanchor related)

C Stewart nemisis at BRUNNET.NET
Sun Nov 3 12:38:22 EST 2002

Folks, this is my first post and my fireproof suit is at the cleaners.....

I've looked around, and I can't seem to find anything about this topic.
Since it may be related to boatanchor restoration, I thought I'd ask you.

I've aquired an old military surplus frequency meter.  This thing could
LITERALLY be used as a boat anchor.  Case and all, it must weight at least
50lbs.  Anyway, in the cover of the case is a compartment that holds a spare
set of tubes, fuses, lunch, etc.  It is lined with a black, open cell foam
to keep the tubes and whatnot from breaking.  It is rotten.  I know that is
probably not the right word, but it smears and sticks to everything, and I
can detect a smell coming off of it when I open the compartment.  I am
worried that this stuff might be releasing schemicals that I wouldn't want
in my body.  I don't know the exact age, but the marking on the case is
AN/TSM-16 for those in the know.

Also, any ideas about cleaning tthis stuff up?  It's all over the tube boxes
and everything else that was in there.

Science has proven that the human body can tolerate nearly everything,
except death.

C. Stewart
nemisis at

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