Rotten foam (kinda boatanchor related)

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sun Nov 3 13:54:56 EST 2002

A good solvent is rubber cement thinner (Hexane). It will soften the goo, but will
not damage most other things. Beware: It is very flamable. Do it outdoors, a small
area at a time, and be carefu with your waste paper.

The decaying rubber will not damage most things, but the more recent types of foam
based on other chemicals can etch things. I have some stainless steel instruments
that were damaged that way.

Good luck,

C Stewart wrote: I've aquired an old military surplus frequency meter.  This thing

>  Anyway, in the cover of the case is a compartment that holds a spare set of
> tubes, fuses, lunch, etc.  It is lined with a black, open cell foam to keep the
> tubes and whatnot from breaking.  It is rotten.  I know that is probably not the
> right word, but it smears and sticks to everything, and I can detect a smell
> coming off of it when I open the compartment.

> I am worried that this stuff might be releasing schemicals that I wouldn't want
> in my body.
> Also, any ideas about cleaning tthis stuff up?  It's all over the tube boxes and
> everything else that was in there.
> Thanks.
> C. Stewart
> nemisis at

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