determining impedance of modulation xform

john w. king jbkking at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue Nov 12 11:29:26 EST 2002

Have modulation transformer , potted type, and do not know the
specifications . It was made by Merit Transformer and looks as if it came
out of a piece of Military equipment. The impedance of the secondary is
6,500 ohms. The impedance of the primary  has been accidentally obliterated
and can't be read.

The markings are      "PART AM -7195    TEST 10000 V.
                                      FAMILY 14    GRADE 1    CLASS A "

It measures  10 1/2 inches high to top of insulators (all on top)
The width is 5 3/4 inches and the depth is 6 inches.

It weighs approx 34 pounds.

Does anyone recognize this modulation transformer? I need to know the
impedance of the primary winding. If you recognize the transformer or know
how to measure the primary impedance, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  I  am trying to
decide if this modulation transformer will work in my Johnson Viking Desk
kilowatt.    Thanks for your assistance. 73,John, K5PGW

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