sigma type 72AOY relay

Jim Bowman jimbowman at SEANET.COM
Thu Nov 28 22:50:00 EST 2002

Does anyone have any info on a Sigma 72AOY relay? The pinouts are shown
on a diagram on the side. It is shown to be a SPDT relay with two
separate coils. It is in a black metal can with an octal base. The two
coils on the diagram are marked + and - and the notation "POLARITY SHOWN
CLOSES 6 TO 7". (Pin 6 is common, pin 4 is N.C. and pin 7 is N.O., or at
least that's the state it is in now.

I am wondering how the two coils are used. Coil voltage rating? Maybe it
is some kind of latching relay? At first glance I had hoped it might be
a mercury wetted relay that maybe could be used for keying, but I doubt
it looking at the diagram.

Any thoughts?

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving day.

Thanks and 73,

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