New email list for WW II Radios... an invitation

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sat Nov 30 00:04:06 EST 2002

~~~~  AN INVITATION ~~~~

You are invited to join a new email reflector (list) if you are interested in
the Wireless Set No.19 and other HF radios used by the Allied forces during and
after World War II  in AFVs and in various Wireless Trucks and as ground

This list is a forum for the open exchange of ideas about collecting, restoring,
maintaining, and operating these sets, and also about their history.  Hams,
reenactors, collectors, curators, buyers and sellers, veterans, signalers and
others are all welcome.

We'll try to help licensed operators get the sets on the air, learn how the sets
were used in WW II, and organize operating events at times and frequencies
enabling the broadest possible participation.

You may subscribe to the email list, or you may choose to join the
Wireless-Set-No-19 Yahoo Group which includes, in addition to the list
subscription, access to the list archives; hosting of files, photos, web links,
and polls; a member list; calendar; and a chat room.

Membership is open; all members may post; and messages are not censored; but to
block spam your membership application will have to wait for approval by a
"moderator".  This will take less than a day.

To subscribe to the email list, just send an email to
<Wireless-Set-No19-subscribe at>.

To join the Group, enable Javascript in your web browser and go to

If you join, you're invited but not required to set up a Yahoo "Profile," to
upload a photo of yourself, and to post a message
introducing yourself, your interests and suggestions.

We hope that you will find this list/group both interesting and useful.

Keith Watt (G4MSF), John Forster, and Chuck Counselman (W1HIS)


Please note that this message is not intended to tempt you away from your
current list(s) but to make new resources available to you, should you wish it.


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