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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Oct 3 22:26:13 EDT 2002


Two James Millen adjustable coils on ceramic forms.
Type 69045 Dimensions 2-1/8" long X 1/2" diameter.
Single hole mounting, solder terminals.
QTY 2 available for $4.00 each

3 turn link with two tube plate caps attached.
Ideal for homebrewing.
Bakelite swinging arm for coupler. Pivot goes to ceramic "BVL" Jack bar with 4
metal jack sockets, and pivot brackets that are wired to two large plate caps made
for tubes with 1/2" diameter plate cap. Part of a BVL tank system.
Has enameled copper wire and some very useful hardware attached.
Link coil dimensions 2-1/2" diameter. Enamelled 18 gauge copper wire.
QTY 1 only at $5.00

6 turn air wound coil - airdux style. Dimensions 3/4" long X
2" diameter.  Inductance 2.2 uH.
One only - available for $3.00

18 turn coil. Airdux style. 1.75" long and 2" diameter. 10 TPI.
12.2 uH. Will sell for $5.00
Similar to above coil only longer. Picture available.

30 turn air core coil. Dimensions are 4" long and 2" in diameter.
Inductance is 18 uH. QTY 1 only at $6.00

48 turn air core coil - airdux style. Has Dimensions 7" long X 2"
Inductance is 29 uH. QTY 1 only available for $10.00

91 turn air core coil - Measures 6.5" in length and 1.5" diameter. 14
turns per inch.
65 uH inductance. Excellent with plexiglas support and four mounting
holes. QTY 1 only for $12.00

Ceramic coil, split off-center. Has total of 20 turns with a
tap at 13 turns.
On white ceramic form - former dimensions 3" long X 1.5" diameter.
Coil length is 2". Inductance is 8.56 uH.
Qty 1 only for $3.00

Ceramic coil with approx 110 turns of green cotton covered wire.
White ceramic form has dimensions - 2" long X 1.5" diameter.
Inductance is around 330 uH. Suitable for AM band or LF applications.
Has screw terminals and solder lugs for connection.
New old stock. QTY 1 only for $4.00

Coil form, ribbed white ceramic. Dimensions are 5" long and
2" diameter.
Ribbed style with slots for wire. Designed to hold 26 turns and
would have about 20 uH. Has 4 mounting holes on each end.
Has been repaired; looks fine, hence low price.
Qty 1 only at $1.00

Coil form - odd design ribbed ceramic former with 6 terminals on
base and three nice threaded holes for mounting screws.
Dimensions are 2-1/2" tall X 1-1/8" diameter.
Inner coupling coil is 7/8" diameter with tapped coil of enamelled
wire brought out to three terminals.
Qty 1 available for $3.00

Multi-tapped coil. Unique design attached to a PC board with a tap
for every turn.
Airdux type air core form. Coil has a total of 32 turns and dimensions of 4" long X
1.5" diameter. Approx 12.5 uH.
QTY 1 available for $6.00

14 MHz plug-in tank coil with link coupling. 20m coil on 5-pin base.
Marked as model 2420. Medium size. Airdux style coil has 11 turns
and the link outside it has 3 turns. QTY 1 only for $5.00

More soon.

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