[Milsurplus] ****need resource sites for bc-151 info,schematic, tales, pictures etc.

ed sharpe esharpe at USWEST.NET
Thu Sep 5 00:23:42 EDT 2002

Marty, need the key for it, the antenna, and the legs if any were used....
did it use a generator also?
Please check our web site at
to see other engineering fields, communications and computation stuff we
buy, and by all means  when in Arizona drop in and see us.


 coury house / smecc
5802 w palmaire ave
glendale az 85301

thanks Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC
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> Ed & company
> FW Chesson's web site & AWA Review art'l says BC-151 (p/o SCR161 /
> 4.8-5.5 mhz) is artillery version of BC-148 (p/o SCR 151 / 2-3.5 mcs)
> infantyr radio.  Doesn't the artl'y always get the higher allocation?
> There's a picture of one w. it's loop in TM 11-487 indicating it was
> actually used in WW2.  Well someone once posted they were set up
> & taken down over & over in training but never had the juice
> shot to 'em (Bruce).
> I've a ratso BC-148
> Lucky you, smecc museneum can put the thing on new 5 mhz ham band &
> compete w. WWV.  Lucky indeed.
>     Marty

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