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Pete Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Sun Sep 15 22:54:08 EDT 2002

1. Philco Training Manual On Antennas - " 9"x11" hardcover, copyright
1956, 220 pages, good condition. Chapters are: propagation of radio
waves, antenna fundamentals, transmission-line theory, methods of feeding
antennas, coupling circuits, types of antennas, construction and
measurement, plus a table of symbols and a glossary.

It may have had some interesting previous users - inside the front cover
is stamped "Electronics Shop, Federal Prison Industries, McNeil Island"
The front cover is stamped "F.P.I. Electronics" and "Jul 25 1961."

2. Newark Electronics Co. catalog, dated 1989, 1100 pages, soft. An
excellent reference source with products from over 240 manufacturers -
has specs for everything that could possibly be soldered into a piece of

Each $13 postpaid

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