FS Entire Station or Units

Keith Rowland k4kgw at ATTBI.COM
Mon Sep 16 13:29:13 EDT 2002

Final offering of complete station or individual units.  Preference
given to offers for complete station.  Must have any sale completed and
must ship gear not later than September 27th.  All sales plus UPS ground
from ZIP 30078 (Atlanta, GA area), plus $10 per unit for box & packing

This gear has been in use at K4KGW for the past nine years and has never
failed to work any station I could hear.  All equipment is fully
operational and cosmetically immaculate.  All units come with the
manual, and the TS-930 also comes with the factory service manual as

This time, I am setting no asking prices.  You set the price.  Please
don't hesitate to make an offer of any sort, other than a real, true
lowball of course!

Heath SB-230 1200-watt linear amp
Heath SA-2500 Automatic Antenna Tuner (with illuminated meters)
Heath SB-614 Station Monitor Scope
Kenwood TS-930SAT Transceiver
Kenwood SP-930 Speaker with two audio filters
Kenwood MC-60 mike and base (has built-in pre-amp switchable in or out)
Treadle-type foot switch free with TS-930.

Thanks all,

Keith Rowland, K4KGW
e-mail to above address, or call:  770-736-6638.  If I happen to be out,
I will call back as soon as I return.

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