FS: Majority of my Heathkits

Joseph W. Lutz tazzie at LOCALNET.COM
Mon Sep 23 23:47:02 EDT 2002

Have a bunch of Heathkits that I bought [when I got hooked on them
again after returning to the states], and their future will probably
be to sit on shelves, which is not good.  Included in my 'stash' are
HW-101's, SB-100's, 101's & 102's. I have a SB-104 and several 104A's.
Also have a pristine SB-230 [that I may end up keeping for a SB-104A
station setup] - have a SB-614, 644 & 644A also.  I also have most
of the power supplies for all them, along with the manuals of course.
If anyone is looking for any specific unit - please contact me and
we will see what we can do.  I don't want to end up putting a bunch
of them up on you know where - but will as a last resort.
Thanks and have a great week.

[IF worse comes to worse - and someone needs parts to get their units
back into service - heck, I may even start 'parting out the units' as

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