Black Crackle painting

Don Buska d.buska at ADVANTEST.COM
Mon Apr 14 15:11:24 EDT 2003


The last time I did it I used Krylon Black Wrinkle which was obtained from a local
NAPA auto parts store.

Apply two heavy coats with about 5 minutes between coats.  Then take a heat gun or
hair dryer and go back and forth across the cabinet about 9 inches away from the
painted surface.  Once it starts to wrinkle it will pretty much start all over,
assuming you applied even heat all around.  If an area just won't wrinkle you will
have to remove all paint and start again.

I did a complete Bud open rack panel last year and it came out just fine.  I'm not
a great painter and have found wrinkle paint to be very forgiving compared to
straight painting.  The wrinkle stuff is heavier and doesn't drip or streak as
easily.  Follow the simple rules above and all should be just fine!

Good luck es 73

Don N9OO

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003 20:44:00 -0700, k7mks wrote:

>Am restoring a HQ-120 and find it necessary to strip the cabinet and repaint.
Would appreciate comments regarding paint selection and mfr. as well as any handy
hints.  I do not have access to a spray unit so it will have to be cans or take it
to someone who can closely duplicate the color and texture of a HQ-120 cabinet.
>Thanks, Joe k7mks
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