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Richard H. Arland richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Mon Apr 21 18:48:55 EDT 2003

I have the following BA gear for sale:

1. Morrow MBR-5 receiver with matching MB-500A transmitter. This is an AM/CW
mobile set from the mid 1950s. Package includes manuals for both sets. I
bought these a couple of years ago with the thought of putting them on the
air. The cases had been repainted and relettered by the previous owner.
Knobs on the TX were non-original black plastic. I had new knobs made at a
machine shop that look very close to original. There is no power supply.
Price: $250. I pack, you ship.

2. Hallicrafters HT-44/SX-117 station. I have restored the SX-117 receiver,
including sandblasting the case and repainting it using the correct color
from NC Electronics. This was professionally done for me. The receiver works
great. All knobs are original. The HT-44 case has also been repainted, but I
have not done the restoration on this unit. No time. The transmitter needs a
main tuning knob and skirt, along with several of the other 1" black knobs
with silver inserts. The HT-44 has a the original sweep tubes in the finals.
There is no PSU. I have repo manuals for both units. Price: $250. I pack/you

3. Knighkit R-55A Novice receiver, circa 1960. This was recently recapped
and aligned. The case had been repainted gray. It is not the correct
Knightkit gray, but it looks OK. Comes with repo manual. Works fine, but
performance from this type of receiver is not stellar. All bands work and
alignment was done using HP test gear at a professional shop. Price $75. I
pack/you ship.

If you are interested please reply via private e-mail. I can send digital
pix back via e-mail. Although I like to hoss-trade, I need the cash for
Dayton, so please, no offers for trades.

73  Rich K7SZ

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