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Dave Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Mon Apr 21 21:22:14 EDT 2003

Here is a bunch of stuff for sale. Prices do not include shipping unless

Click on the links for pictures.

Heathkit HW-100 Transceiver and HP-23A PS .........$210 plus shipping

A real clean Heathkit HW-100 transceiver with CW filter and HP-23-A
power supply, original manuals
and connecting cable. I have checked out the transceiver and it works
well on transmit and receive. All tubes have been
checked and several weak ones were replaced. All three rubber drive
belts have also been replaced with new belts.


US Navy AN/URM-25G Signal Generator...........$135 plus Shipping

This well built unit covers 10 kHz to 50 MHz in 8 bands. The unit has
been tested and works great. With a frequency range of 10kHz to 50mHz,
400Hz and 1,000Hz AM modulation, and an attenuator calibrated 1
microvolt to 1 volt RMS, this generator makes easy work aligning Collins

R-390, R-388, R-392, Hammarlund SP-600, National RAO, HRO, as well as
WWII military BC-348, BC-312/342 and others. The low frequency range
covers IF's in the 50kHz range for receivers like the Hallicrafters
SX-88, Drake 2B, etc. . Includes a copy of the manual. It does not have
any of the accessories that go iinside the cover. This unit is heavy.


Eimac 304TL Transmitting Tube - $65

Eimac 304TL Transmitting Tube - $65

These all came from an estate. All appear to be in excellent condition.
I am only able to test filament continuity and all test good. The brown
haze is a reflection off of the cloth I used as a backdrop for

Welz SP-122 (Yaesu YS-60) Power Meter........$80
Welz SP-122 in-line wattmeter and SWR bridge. This is the same unit as
the Yaesu YS-60 power meter.
I believe that these were built for Yaesu by Welz or Yaesu built them
for Welz. This meter will measure average and peak
transmitter power output from 1.6 to 60 MHz over three power ranges -
0-20, 0-200 and 0-2000 watts. This unit works well
and is in excellent condition. Includes a copy of the instruction sheet

I will ship overseas.

You can check my user ID "n7rk" on Eb*y
for a reference as to dealing with me.

Thanks for looking and 73,

Dave N7RK

Dave  N7RK         
Phoenix, Arizona         *DXCC Honor Roll*    *WAZ#23 - 75 Meter SSB*

            ex-XE2/N7RK, N7RK/ZB2, VK2ERK, ZM0AJN, WB6NRK, WN6IWX

Boatanchor and Antique Radio Collector Extraordinaire preferring
Hallicrafters, National and what ever else looks interesting!

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