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In Australia the agency equivalent to FCC is the ACA and it refers to
BPL as PLC (powerline communications). Here the allowable freq range is
3-148 kHz for digital control and > 525 kHz for digital communications
including video to domestic subscribers which is the primary PLC market
according to local sources. Here's a quote from an ACA Fact Sheet on the
subject from June 2002:

"PLC equipment comes under Compliance Level 2—the compliance level for a
medium risk device. To comply with Compliance Level 2, the supplier of
the device must: 1. prepare a description of the device; 2. make a
Declaration of Conformity for the device; and 3. demonstrate conformity
with the applicable standard by testing or technical assessment.
In-house testing will be acceptable for this compliance level. Please
note: the ACA currently has no mandatory standards for PLC equipment
that transmits information on frequencies above 525 kHz. Although there
are no standards at present, penalties apply in accordance with section
197 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992 to a person or company who
knowingly or recklessly causes interference to radiocommunications

PLC tests are due to commence end of this month.

73 Nigel VK3ZNQ

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The range I have seen quoted is 1.7 thru about 80 Mhz
which takes out the low vhf tv bands and a lot of
people are still using rabbit ears, especially if they
have satellite without local coverage.  Plus 6 meters.
I don't know if any of the Japanese recordings were
made in the broadcast band, but some were in the
5,6 and 9 Mhz ranges - terrible stuff.

I don't know who is running the hf program at the
FBI where I used to work, but I did pass along the
info to a former associate at DEA where I also
used to work and asked that he pass to headquarters
so that they could put pressure on NTIA else they
will lose all of their HF capability communications with
other base stations and to the aircraft on various missions.

I wonder if it is correct to inquire as to the amount of
monies being paid to certain pushers of this communications
disaster to be? Maybe an investigation by DHS on the
scuttling of emergency communications and other communications
services in the HF/low VHF range is in order.
My feelings, anyway.

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