James Tolar w5sqe at INAME.COM
Wed Aug 6 16:11:00 EDT 2003

I just aquired a Federal Telephone & Radio Corporation FT-102 transmitter, which was used, as the HF CW transmitter, in LSTs during WWII. The other designation is Mackay 167-BY. This unit was written up in the Nov 1994, Issue #67, Electric Radio magazine, by Dale Gagnon, KW1I. I have the original instruction book, has the serial number of the unit.

Unfortunately someone removed the nameplate from the front of the unit. I would very much appreciate a scanned, or digital photo, of the nameplate, so I can reproduce it.

I know there are a few of these units in operation, and would like to hear from those that have them. I plan to plate modulate this CW only transmitter, so would like to learn of any potential problems that others may have experienced doing the same.

Jim Tolar    W5SQE
jim.tolar at fluor.com
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