oscillator coil for Lettine 240

Kenneth Laine Ketner ketner at ARISBEASSOCIATES.COM
Sat Aug 23 11:21:18 EDT 2003

Recently chatting with Fred Holnagel about his Lettine 240. Talking with
Fred has reminded me I need another part to get mine where I want it. I
have mine cleaned up and going but not on the air. It has a jury-rigged
oscillator coil and a 40 JEL B&W stock coil in the output. I have a 40
JEL and an 80 JE, so I am good for output coils. For an osc coil, I got
only a jury rig (paper tube on a recycled 5 pin base), so I need stock
osc coils for 40 and 80.

I think the oscillator coil is a MEL series from B&W (definitely has a 5
pin base), but I’m not sure.

Can anyone confirm the B&W type as MEL for Osc?

Anybody want to sell or swap said osc coil for 40 or 80 or both?

I think I will keep this old bird on 40 or 80. It kinda looks like it is
TVI capable.

I am thinking about hooking this dude up with a Heath receiver, a
Hallicrafters VFO and (if I can find one) a Johnson antenna tuner. Then
I can irradiate the neighborhood TV s and intercoms and fones with a
multi-brand lash-up.


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