AC power supply for R.1155

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Mon Aug 25 03:43:36 EDT 2003

Is anyone familiar with the Stewart-Warner purpose built AC power supply for the
R.1155 receiver? I have one with an RCAF tag.

The supply is conventional with two transformers (plate & filament), a 5Y4G, and
a pi C-L-C filter in the B- line. The filter placement is unconventional.

The accompanying R.1155 was modified by putting a cover plate over the male
Jones connectors and bringing a power cable out the back of the case. I would
like to use it with another (pristine) receiver.

My question is this: In an ordinary R.1155, the HT was provided by a dynamotor
and the (-) side floated below ground to bias the receiver. Is that also the
case with this AC supply? It would be quite difficult to determine this by
looking at the receiver circuitry, especially since the receiver that came with
the power supply has some of the common ham mods.


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