Additional Crystal Decks for Collins S-Line receivers / KWM-2 series

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Dec 14 18:58:42 EST 2003

I have one each of the additional frequency decks for
the Collins S-Line receivers and KWM-2 series.  These
intstall with no modification to the equipment (can be
removed at any time and no one will know that you ever
had them in place).  Basically, they expand the
frequency coverage of the receiver or transceiver.
They can be used on the 32S series transmitters but
that does require the drilling of one 1/8 hole.

Only have one each at this price.  The large version
is current production and the small version was an
early production model that was used to take photos!
Both work fine.

The "large" version allows 4 crystals to be used in
each of 3 bandswitch positions (original crystal plus
3 more or 4 "new" crystals).  The "small" version
allows 6 crystals to be used in a single position
(original crystal plus 5 additional or 6 "new"
crystals).  They mount by taking loose the front screw
on the slug tuning rack on the 75S series receivers
and the KWM-2 series transceivers.  Unfortunately, due
to the off-on switch placement in the 32S series
transmitters you have to drill a hole if needed to use
with the transmitters.

The 4 crystals in 3 different positions at $154.95
postpaid United States.  Canada add $5 for postage.
This regularily sells for $162.95 in the United

The 6 crystal in a single position at $65.95 postpaid
CONUS.  Canada add $5 for postage.  This one
regularily sells for $74.95.

For more details and additional information, please

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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