Vintage Barker & Williamson Plug In Coils - Any Interest?

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Sun Dec 28 18:14:51 EST 2003

I have two groups of used B&W RF plug in coil assemblies which, before
putting them on eBay, I thought I would make available to the group if
anyone is interested.  The two groups are:

Group #1: B&W BLV Base assembly with swinging link, 2 link coils,
160BVL, 80BVL and 80BVI coil sets.
These are larger coils (100W class?? for push-pull final??) arranged as
balanced center tapped mounted on ceramic supports with 4 large banana
plugs to plug into the Base Assembly. The swinging link is part of the
base and inserts a link coil between the two halves of the plugged in
coil set.  I do NOT think the link coils are the matching ones because
they do not have the proper pin spacing.  Overall condition: ceramic is
dusty but in very good shape - no cracks, chips, warps, etc.  The coils
are fair to good but they may have been modified by the previous owner
(hard to say) and the plastic support bars are old and fragile and a
little distorted.

Group #2: B&W MCL, MEL and JEL plug in coil sets.  7 pieces - 10MCL,
80MCL, 2-20JEL, 2-40JEL (one with 3t link, other with no link) and a
10JEL.  Each is mounted on a ceramic base - but this time a 5 pin
circular arrangement.  Condition the same as Group #1.  Looks like they
are intended as the interstage matching between the driver and the final.

Pictures are available.  I think they might be of interest to someone
who would like to build up a vintage homebrew rig - I know I would but I
also know I have way too many projects already.  So if anyone is
interested, please email me directly and we can talk.  No idea of value.

Happy New Year.

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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