FS: Swan VHF XCVR for 6m

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Feb 20 15:32:50 EST 2003

Swan 250 with 117C power supply/speaker cabinet. Comes with all cables
The Swan 250 is a 6 meter transceiver which was first introduced in the spring of
With two 6146B tubes as the PA, this radio is rated at 240 watts PEP on SSB, 180
watts CW, and 75 watts on AM.
Band coverage is 50 to 54 Mc, and the pi network coupling provides for a wide
range of antenna impedances.
 The original selling price of the 250 was shown as $325.00 US.
A review of the 250 appears in the July 1967 issue of CQ.
All in good operating condition with manual. Cabinets look excellent.
The 117C power supply has two small holes in the front, easily filled.
Swan 250 available for $225.00
Swan 117C available for $75.00
Will sell for $275.00 plus shipping

Also have VX-2 VOX unit possibly available for additional $35.00
(Sale is pending with the 350 at present)

Pictures at:

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