FS: Swan 350, 117XC, VX2 etc.

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Feb 20 07:23:26 EST 2003


Swan 350 transceiver with 117XC power supply/speaker cabinet. All in good
operating condition with manual.

Power input on all bands exeeds 400 watts PEP on single sideband, and 320 watts
dc input on CW.
Also will run AM, Single Sideband with Carrier, 125 watts dc input on all bands.

Has AGC, ALC, and grid block CW keying.  Unwanted sideband down at least 40

Carrier suppression at least 50 db. Sensitivity: Less than 0.5 uV for signal-plus-
noise ratio of 10 db.

Controls for Rec-Tune-CW, AF Gain, RF Gain, Mic. Gain, Bandswitch, Carrier
Balance, PA Plate Tune, PA Grid Tune, PA Load Coarse, PA Load Fine, VOX-
PTT Switch.

Rear controls for Bias, Grid-Block CW Key Jack, Jones plug power connector,
Vox connector, S-Meter Zero.

Uses a pair of 6HF5 finals. When the 350 was introduced in 1965, the price was
$420.00, the 117XC was $95.00

Swan 350 available for $195.00
Swan 117C available for $85.00
Will sell the Swan 350 and 117XC for $250.00

Also have VX-2 VOX unit available for additional $35.00

Pictures & details:

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