[Boatanchors] **Sort of RF related Microwave Oven history and info sought....

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Feb 25 17:18:51 EST 2003

The "urban legend" about the elderly woman who put her
toy poodle in the microwave oven to dry off isn't
really an urban legend!  It happened in 1970 in a
suburb on the south side of Fort Worth, Texas.  One of
the paramedics (volunteer fire department) who was
called to treat the woman after she had a heart-attack
was not only an amateur radio operator, but was
working for me at the time.

Of course the dog was killed although it didn't "blow
up" like the story has been told.  However, there was
blood from the nose and mouth of the poor animal.
When the woman discovered what she had done, she did
suffer a heart-attack and the ambulance was called.
My employee was the first "on the scene".  She did
survive without any problems and, I believe, that
several people went together and got her another toy
poodle.  However, they told her to use a towel the
next time the dog got caught in the rain!

Glen, K9STH

--- ed sharpe <esharpe at uswest.net> wrote:

ANYTHING Is Fair Game!

Glen, K9STH

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