[Boatanchors] **Sort of RF related Microwave Oven history and info sought....

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Hi Glen!
Yes I remember hearing about the ,,,exploding dog!  good to have this
clarified.  have added it.
thanks ed sharpe
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> The "urban legend" about the elderly woman who put her
> toy poodle in the microwave oven to dry off isn't
> really an urban legend!  It happened in 1970 in a
> suburb on the south side of Fort Worth, Texas.  One of
> the paramedics (volunteer fire department) who was
> called to treat the woman after she had a heart-attack
> was not only an amateur radio operator, but was
> working for me at the time.
> Of course the dog was killed although it didn't "blow
> up" like the story has been told.  However, there was
> blood from the nose and mouth of the poor animal.
> When the woman discovered what she had done, she did
> suffer a heart-attack and the ambulance was called.
> My employee was the first "on the scene".  She did
> survive without any problems and, I believe, that
> several people went together and got her another toy
> poodle.  However, they told her to use a towel the
> next time the dog got caught in the rain!
> Glen, K9STH
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