CQT-1110 Transistors in Lafayette HA-250 Amp

Rich Sahlender rsahlen at VOICENET.COM
Sun Jan 19 13:04:51 EST 2003

Picked up an old Lafayette HA-250 Linear Amp recently which
I'm sure had been used by some 11m enthusiats but which I
recall using on 6m years ago. Sure enough, the manual shows
where to place the tap on the final tank coil for 6m use.

Nice simple circuit using a pair of 12jb6's in grounded grid
and a pair of CQT-1110 transistors with a unique (at least
to me...) toroid transformer used to transform a 12V DC supply
to a much higher B+ for the tubes. No indication in my docs
just what the B+ should be...

Initial tests show only 25w out with 5w carrier. I recall
getting closer to 45w out years ago. Checking final B+ shows
only 200v. I expected more and suspect an 11m good buddy has
damaged either the transformer or the CQT-1110's.

Anyone have any data on the CQT-1110's before I pull them for
testing? I get only one hit at an Asian site with a google
search... or anyone out there have one of these that can
confirm what the B+ and or typical power out should be?

tnx es 73 de Rich WA3WLH

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