Carlton D. Trotman W3BRX w3brx at AOL.COM
Fri Jul 18 13:30:44 EDT 2003

OMs, YLs, XYLs,

Contacting on behalf of Jim Shank, W3CNS, who in turn is assisting a friend
who is getting out of ham radio in disposing of various, sundry ham radios,
parts, and accessories. Some homebrew.

I picked up a homebrew 3-1000 80-10 amp w/seperate power supply and metering
for a very reasonable price. Professional quality throughout. Workmanship par
excellence !!

Three items that I know are now available: one 3-1000 w/socket (I think
Westinghouse or GE); one Amperex 5868/AX-9902 w/socket; 300 pf vacuum variable @
2kv. If interested, contact Jim at Shankjrw3cns at msn.com.

Jim also has an unbelievably fine collection of tube type radios in pristine
condition as well as a wide variety of accessories, test equipment and
component parts. Two Heathkit radios are definitely available; and I'm sure he would
give serious consideration to offers for other items in his collection.

Don't think he has any "green radios" but, Hey! You never know!

Carl    W3BRX

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