Heath and other cabinets for sale

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jul 18 17:35:04 EDT 2003

I have acquired several Heath and other manufacturers'
cabinets that are excess to my needs.  Each one has
been reconditioned and repainted in the correct color
(except for the WRL cabinet).  Prices are plus
shipping from 75080

Quantity 2 DX-35 / early DX-40 cabinets.  These have
the small rubber "bumper" type of feet (not the larger
held in place by screws rubber feet).  Both have a
reproduction crytal door installed.  The cabinets have
been stripped, primed (which many Heath cabinets were
not), re-crackled, and painted with the correct
Heathkit gray.  Price is $100 each.  I normally get
$60 for a paint job and $12.50 for the crystal door.
This makes the cabinet $27.50.

Quantity 2 DX-20 (possibly HX-11) cabinets.  These
have the small rubber "bumper" type of feet.  These
cabinets have been stripped, primed, re-crackled, and
painted with the correct Heath gray paint.  Both have
reproduction crystal hole plugs but need a large
plastic knob to complete.  One is as supplied from the
factory.  The other has had the back opening extended
about 1/2 inch in one direction.  Price for the
modified one is $95 and the unmodified one is $100.
This plus shipping from 75080.  Again, the price for
painting is $60 and the price for a reproduction
crystal hole plug is $16.  This makes the cabinet $24.

Quantity 2 cabinets for the Apache, Mohawk, Warrior,
Marauder, and DX-100B.  One cabinet is Heath standard
with the hole pattern that fits the Heath equipment
only and the other is actually an after-market cabinet
that looks identical to the original Heath.  However,
it has both standard rack mounting holes AND the holes
for the Heath equipment.  These are for 10.5 inch high
standard 19 inch rack mounts.  Since both cabinets had
rust on them I put a light crackle finish on them
instead of the original flat finish.  Both are painted
the correct Apache green.  Price for either one is
$135 plus shipping from 75080.

Quantity 1 each cabinets for the Heath Comanche and
for the Heath Cheyenne.  These also fit the later
Heath mobile twins.  Both are finished with a light
crackle (again both were rusted before I got them).
These are painted the correct Apache green.  Price is
$95 each plus shipping from 75080.

Quantity 1 each cabinet for Heath SB-300, SB-301,
SB-310, SB-400, SB-401, SB-100, SB-101, SB-102,
SB-110, SB-110A, etc.  This is painted one of the
several colors that Heath used on the SB Line (there
are at least 5 different colors ranging from a putrid
light green to almost gray), towards the gray end of
the scale.  Price does not include feet or risers.
Price is $95 plus shipping from 75080.

Also have a cabinet for the National NCX-3 transceiver
(may fit other National models).  Painted in the
blue-green National color.  Price is $90 plus shipping
from 75080.

Large Johnson cabinet (fits Valiant, Pacemaker, 500,
etc.).  This one was not painted by me.  Has a large
hole in the back that is cut for a fan.  I will put a
painted plate across this hole if the person who
purchases it wants me to.  A few slight impefections
in the paint (as I said before, I did not do this
paint job!).  $130 plus shipping from 75080.

WRL / Globe Electronics cabinet as used on the Globe
Chief 90 / Globe Scout 680 (not the "A" models).  This
has the flush mounting panel and is not the "shadow"
type with the slight overhang at the top.  Finished in
a light crackle (this one was rusted as well) using
Collins St. James gray paint.  I tried to find some
gray hammertone paint to use (like the original), but
the finish was nothing like correct.  The cabinet does
have a reproduction yellow WRL label on the back.  $95
plus shipping from 75080.

Digital photos can be E-Mailed if requested.

I have been storing these in an unused bedroom and my
wife wants the "guest room" back.  Don't understand
why!!!!  Anyway, I do need to let these go to a new


Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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