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Sat Jul 19 02:14:59 EDT 2003

Hi Fellow Anchorites
Am looking for a LV transformer for the Johnson Valiant. Sometime in the
future (hopefully if I find time, hi) I'm going to restore my parts rig,
etc. Any help??

I have a "ton" power & ohter transformers that I have been collecting for
years. In fact my shop seems to listing to the east because of the weight,
hi. Example; I believe one power transformer is off Johnson Invader 200. I
checked it & its very useable. I have couple simular trans, one came off a
Valiant but it was not original for Valiant. It is approx 1200v ct mil spec
tf gray little brute but has fil supply also rated more than enuf to power a
100+ tx.

The above I will trade one for one for the Val tf. or sell for $50. ea. +

This 60# brute might spur some kw project. Monarch tf came off a 250 watt
page tx that ran 250w OP rf 24 x 7 mountain top. I measured the output. 1.
1150v, 800v, 350v, 1014v, 700v, and two LV windings one 30v, the other 20v.
I cant imagine what one would do with the LV windings but the rest are very
useable. Input is 117v. Will take $75. + packing & shipping.

I found a Hammar SP600 audio OP tf (original) that is good & still has the
"screening" all intact on side. Its good. $25. + shipping.

I also have a couple of modulation reactors (BIG) sitting in tf row. But
these might be a problem to ship. $75. ea

I have no large modulation tfs that I will sell or hi fi tfs.

Best 73
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