REDUCED: Two Hammarlund Super Pros

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Jul 19 08:52:17 EDT 2003


Hammarlund Super Pro receivers needing restoration.
I have two of these. Both are missing several tubes, but the dials, transformers,
meters etc. all look good.

You might put tubes into one or both and find that they play OK.

Great for "parts rigs."
No covers.
You will need a power supply for these receivers.

eHam reviews:
Considering the 1938 design, the designer was brilliant. It is almost unbelievable
radios like this existed 65 years ago. The radio has a so-so xtal filter, however the
mechanical coupled I.F. bandwidth control actually works! The 15 watts of high-
end quality PP audio using triode connected 6F6s driven by a 6F6 could 'fly' in a
modern high-end tube type stereo system. Good sensitivity with a good audio
amps equals picking out the signal you want to hear out of the three on top of one
another. Some AMers swear by this radio. A SP-400 would perform about the
same - N8FVJ

I am one of the AMers who swears by this radio... it has the rich, creamy smooth
AM sound and warm tube overtones that you just don't get from most
communications receivers. In terms of pleasant audio, I have put it up against an
SX28 - and the Hammarlund won. - W1GFH

There were a lot of tire kickers, therefore:
Now reduced to only $65.00 each, plus shipping.

I am told that the models are as follows:
The first one appears to be either an SP-110X or SP-210X.

The second one is a military version of the SPR-210X, a.k.a. BC779.
It has been modifed to use miniature tubes in the RF section
100 kHz to 20 MHz in 5 ranges.

E-mail me for pictures.
Radios_R_Me at

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