TR-4CW Neutralization

k7mks k7mks at COMCAST.NET
Sat Jul 19 19:29:32 EDT 2003

  Subject: TR-4CW Neutralization

  Time to call in the experts!  I've tried various combinations of Sylvania 6JB6's, new and used, and 12BY7A's etc and yet final neutralization escapes me.  20 and 15 are extremely touchy when tuning.  In addition the S-meter does not wish to stay at zero even after swapping 6BZ6's around.  S-meter pegs full full scale when the RFG is full CCW; Drake says meter should be around 50 over 9 or so.  Last but not least - when transmitting the S meter rests about S-9 or so with no mic audio rather than at 0.

  Suspect AGC problems which should not effect neutralization.  Just thought I'd toss out all the problems at once.  Comments greatfully accepted.

  73 Joe k7mks 

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