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Richard H. Arland richard.arland at VERIZON.NET
Sun Jun 1 13:26:31 EDT 2003

I have not heard of any HF ("SW") alerting frequencies in use for NBC
incidents. Although there are a group of 5 MHz freqs that area allocated to
FEMA and the Fed for use. It is certainly possible that they might use those
freqs for long-haul, point-to-point comms.

However, with today's emphasis on satellite communications, I would think
that a vehicle mounted K or Ku band sat receiver would be more practical
(yeah, I know about nuclear EMP and their effects on satellites!).

I also think that this would be cost prohibitive except for the larger metro
areas in the country that have their own ambulance services. Here in NE PA,
we have a lot of "private" ambulance companies that are lucky to have a CB
radio installed!

There are some EMA freqs in the 800 MHz range that have been in use for a
couple of years around here. Motorola and Ericsson (sp) both have DES units
available for their radios that cover those freqs. It's just a mater of
justifying the costs.

73 Rich K7SZ

> "It was recently rumored that US ambulances have both a "police radio" and
an encrypted short wave channel; they use the second line for NBC (nuclear,
BIOLOGICAL and chemical )"
> Does anyone know anything about the claim re shortwave?

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