Wanted: HP-23B

pjhend@ameritech.net pjhend at AMERITECH.NET
Sun Jun 1 13:37:28 EDT 2003

Hi Folks, 

I will be donating an HW-101 to an elderly gentleman experiencing some
challenges. He was an avid Heathkit builder and SWL in his younger days.
But no longer has the receivers he built due to financial circumstances in
the past. 

Unfortunately, I don't have the HP-23B power supply that goes with it. I am
looking to see if anyone has a spare HP-23B in good working order(cosmetics
are probably not too important) that they are in a position to donate or
sell to complete this set. (Also, any old compatible speaker with the RCA
phono jack would be appreciated). If you can help me with this, it would be
greatly appreciated! 

I will put you in touch with the gentleman's daughter(in Canada) and she
will take care of the cost of shipping, purchase if necessary, and even
delivery pick-up at your home QTH. Thanks for the bandwidth!


K2#2278, K1#956

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