Anyone ever heard of a EF Johnson 6&2M Transmit Converter?

Colburn kd4e at ARRL.NET
Sun Jun 1 17:27:29 EDT 2003

Just a couple of clarifications:

> I now am clear that I need an external power supply, may try a Heath
> HP-23 and run it off a DC source.

I should have typed HP-13b.  I think the specs

Will have to check out the wiring diagram to discover if I may make a
minor mod to use 12v on the filament line or step down the 13.8vdc

Given the news that a true 6n2 transmit upconverter may have only been a
prototype I am expecting a 6n2 transmitter ... but am willing to be
surprised with the prototype ... though I'd probably have to keep it
locked it in a guarded vault rather than actually use it due to its
value!  ;-(

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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