[Boatanchors] ALERT: AM Under Attack - WA3VJB

John Dilks - K2TQN oldradio at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Fri Jun 20 16:00:44 EDT 2003

Noted below by John Dilks, K2TQN *****

At 09:28 AM 6/20/03 -0400, you wrote:
>This has nothing to do with AM being under attack.  The headline by
>WA3VJB is disinformation.
>AM would be granted 5.6KHz! SSB 2.8KHz.  If one cannot communicate on
>the crowded HF bands within those limits then perhaps one needs to be
>re-licensed to VHF-UHF-SHF-only status.  There is plenty of room up
>there for fat signals and experimentation of all sorts.


***   ....... Your entire tirade doesn't make sense.

>Is it a sad day when Hams cannot coexist in a cooperative spirit?  Yes.
>Is there a reasonable expectation they will in this case in the absence
>of a FCC mandate?  No.

*** ...... I see you answer your own questions.  Give this boy an "A".

>This is the very reason why the FCC didn't trust us with fuller access
>to 60 Meters -- we have proved on the other HF bands that we don't
>deserve their voluntary non-interference trust.

***  .... And you know this for a fact?  You must be pretty smart.  I'll
bet you're a wiz in the stock market too.

>We've made our bed and soon we will have to live in it, with bandwidth
>sidebars like a little child's bed.
>Once again the selfish minority has spoiled things for the majority.
>IMHO, YMMV ... 73, doc kd4e

*** .... tis-tis.....

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