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van lincoln vlincoln at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jun 20 18:07:55 EDT 2003

I'll vote to allow 250 watts max for any am religious broadcast operation.

and heavy metal station get a max of 10 watts.  and rock and roll stations get
500 watts.  and 60's music stations get 5000 watts.....



At 06:02 PM 6/20/2003 -0400, J. Forster wrote:
>L. M. Picard wrote:
>> I do not hold and have never held a "ticket".  One of the reasons is
>> that what is hear on the ham bands on the occasions when I scan them,
>> generally holds little interest.
>I agree on both points. I do collect some WW II systems though.
>> My personal belief is that a fresh look should be had into what amateur
>> radio is all about and why amateurs should be given access to the radio
>> spectrum.   Now that everyone has a cell phone or a family service
>> radio, the justification of a backup communication system no longer
>> exists.
>Absolutely wrong. Cell phones become useless when there is a big
emergency. They
>can also be government controlled too easily. This may not be an issue to
all here,
>but is certainly a worldwide concern.
>> I doubt many young people get their feet wet in electronics
>> through building ham equipment any more.
>Sad, but true. It is very difficult for any individual, no matter what hs
>resources, to match products from commercial vendors. OTOH, hams have
thought up
>new modes, etc.
>> On the other hand, the
>>  public cannot be happy with TVI and its variants, or the ham that makes
>> florescent lights glow at night.
>That problem is trivial compared to broadcasters. Virtually every phone
and radio
>near me picks up a 50KW religious station that preaches 24/7, and they
will do
>NOTHING to fix it. If I put a scope probe in the air I see 10 volts of RF.
What ham
>does that? I have to build anything electronic in a shielded box to reduce
the BC
>band EMI.
>> Much of the rag-chew activity would be better served by audio chat rooms
>> on the internet rather than over the air.   It is really not necessary
>> to broadcast information about armed service-related experiences in
>> various brothels around the world over international borders or stories
>> about one's personal struggles with gout.
>There is loads of trash and spam on the air. Much of it is downright lies.
Tune the
>SW broadcast bands and I dare you to tell me that much of the programming
there is
>not garbage and a HUGE waste of spectrum.
>> I would like to grant people the possibility of one-way broadcasting of
>> a non-commercial nature or even the right to broadcast music if they
>> chose.
>> The current amateur service has evolved into a social outlet for a small
>> number of mainly aging males but serves any broader purpose less and
>> less.
>What about shutting up all the high power evangelical preachers? Shutting
one of
>them down would allow for thousands of hams.
>> If it is to survive, hams will have to agree to cough up more for their
>> tickets to pay for effective enforcement.
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